Jan Stürmann

German-South African, via Australia, living in San Francisco explains no more than a peculiar accent. But growing up, there was a slur – soutpiel – for those straddling Africa and Europe. So now, besides confused, what do you call someone straddling four continents?

Once it was the futile hunt for a moment plucked from time, frozen perfectly. Now too, how to intertwine the spoken word through passing moments in time?

At the end, it’s all the same, the gift of this work, being the outsider invited in. And if you’re lucky you emerge changed. You feel deeper, understand more, and play with greater gratitude during these fleeting moments.  

For however far we’ve traveled, we’re still huddled frightened around the fire, trying to make sense of it all by sharing stories.

Come, sit, warm yourself. Tell me yours and I will tell you mine.


Photo credit: Michael Barry

Photo credit: Michael Barry